Monday, January 07, 2008

The Purple Kitchen Updates

Since apparently people read this (or at least vote on the sidebar, or make comments to me when you see me, but never on the blog-- why, oh why, won't you comment on the blog?!), I've decided to address my readers in blog-like fashion. This blog started about a year and a half ago when I was out of the country and realized that the little pieces of paper on which I recorded my recipes were very easy to lose, and I needed a more permanent, and portable, way to record them. So I started writing them down online as a personal reference. A few months ago, I realized I'd be a lot better about writing things down if I told people about the blog. A bit too late, it occurred to me that no one was going to read a food blog without pictures. So please excuse the pictures which, as some have pointed out, are a bit fuzzy and never very good (except when others take them).

Some readers have suggested I include more quick, easy, or vegetarian recipes. It didn't actually occur to me that people use my recipes, but I guess you do. I don't really think about them as "vegetarian" or "easy" because they're just what I happen to make myself for dinner (sometimes for lunch or breakfast). But based on the poll I posted a few weeks ago, you are, collectively, interested in more recipes of a certain type. To make things easier, I discovered a new way to organize my posts. Using the sidebar on the left, you can see all posts that are "quick" or "vegetarian" or involve a certain ingredient (like chicken or squash). I hope this helps, and do let me know, if you do use the recipes, how things turn out, or if you have any suggestions.

I've also listed some blogs I read in case you're like me, and love to waste time reading recipes.




Maria said...

Ok, you're in my favorites - i'm going to diligently leave comments from now on (another resolution?). FYI, i don't make the recipes, but i do get hungry & inspired. I like the leftover recipes best. Mmmmm leftovers.

Anonymous said...

a comment on your voting. i am heartened to see that no body wants low fat recipes. it is in keeping with my view that people who like to eat do.

and then, there are the rest of them. thank g-d that there aren't many of them, otherwise the price of butter and cream and prime meat would be even higher.

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