Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Minestrone Soup

We found this recipe in an old classic Italian cookbook stashed in the kitchen of our new apartment. (This is an old post... just getting it up now... sorry.)

While the soup bubbled away, we snacked on rillettes d'oie with mustard and caperberries.

We ate the soup with grilled steaks (flatiron, blade, or paleron steaks) on the side.


Anonymous said...

If that's your apt, it is really beautiful! Also, is it possible for more photos of France and delicious recipes?


purplecook said...

Thanks, Anon2! We love our apartment.

There are more photos of our stay, descriptions of meals in restaurants, and stories of our adventures on my boyfriend's blog,

I'm pretty busy here but I'll try to keep up the Purple Kitchen as much as possible-- do look for more recipes soon!

Anonymous said...

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anon, original

felice said...

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