Monday, October 12, 2009

chez johnny jump up

Ridwan made an incredible nine-course meal for John's birthday. I was lucky enough to attend and help out.

Here are some shots of the finished dishes (photos by Mike Seeman):

black truffle souffle

celery remoulade, frisee, crispy duck confit

fried artichoke, capers, lemon-heirloom jam

smoked salmon, baby greens,
matchstick potatoes, creme fraiche

kabocha squash soup, bacon lardon, fried bread

roast beef, yorkshire pudding,
horseradish cream, mustard

whipped delice d'argental, caramelized fig, balsamic syrup

carrot cake

poached pear, candied walnut


Anonymous said...

please tell ridwan i am avaiable for dinner any night this week. were he to duplicate, or come close to duplicating this menue, i will supply one (1) bottle of old (pre 2000) bordeaux and one (1) bottle of an older (pre 2000) rhone.

lui qu'aime le rosbif

nomadictribesmen said...

nom nom nom

John said...

lui qu'aime le rosbif...

are you still interested? Your offer sounds good to me!

John, le rosbif qu'aime Ridwan

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