Sunday, March 30, 2008

Lamb and Kale Quesadilla

Ok, I know it sounds weird, but believe me, this was really tasty, and sooo easy. I had some frozen ground lamb in the freezer and didn't even wait for it to defrost; it just thawed as it cooked in the pan.

You'll need:

2 tortillas
1/4 lb ground lamb
1/4 bunch kale (I used about 7 leafy stems)
2 shallots, sliced
4 cloves garlic, sliced
1t cumin
1/2t cayenne
grated cheese (I used firecracker cheddar on one side, sharp cheddar on the other)
a little chopped red onion for garnish
a small handful of parsley, chopped

Saute shallots in a little oil; when the shallots turn translucent, add lamb, salt, pepper, cumin and cayenne. When lamb browns, add garlic, kale, and a little liquid-- wine, broth, water, whatever you have. Cover and cook until kale wilts. Stir in chopped parsley

Pass tortillas over gas flame to brown (or stick them in a hot oven). Cover with grated cheese and place, cheese side up, under the broiler for 30 seconds to melt cheese.

Spread lamb on one tortilla; sprinkle with red onion; place other tortilla on top, cheese side down. Serve with salsa or even a yogurt sauce.

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