Thursday, February 21, 2008

Kohlrabi: From Greens to Bulb

I bought some beautiful purple kohlrabi at the Farmers' Market last Saturday, only to find that most people have never heard of it, which is a shame. It is not only purple, it is delicious and generous: you can cook the greens like kale, eat the bulb in salad (like radish-meets-apple), or cut the bulb into chunks and roast it like any roasted winter veggie.

Here (above), I've peeled a bulb (the purple part is only on the outside-- the inside is light green) and julienned the flesh, then mixed it with purple savoy cabbage and red radishes, dressed with red wine vinegar and Bariani olive oil, for a quick salad.

Here, I heated some olive oil in a pan and sauteed some sliced garlic and a couple anchovies; then I added the kohlrabi greens (remove the stems, as you would with kale) and sauteed until bright green (about 5 minutes). These would be delicious plain, but I had some leftover pasta, so I put that in as well, with a little water, and steamed it all until the flavors had combined.


Marc @ NoRecipes said...

I can't say I've ever had this. I'm going to have to look for it now.

Chiffy said...

I guess that I am just not into your type of food.

Kohlrabi is totally disgusting to my boyfriend "Big Bear".

Of course, we live in Clearwater, Florida, and we are used to eating REAL American-type vegetables such as potatos, carrots, cabbage, and beets.

Your post is interesting, however.

But I just know that I served something like kohlrabi to "Big Bear" he would poke his fist through the wall of the trailer house, he would slap me into next week (yeah, I've been THERE before), and I would once again be looking for some new guy to invite me to live with him.

I have bee blogging for 15 years, and I REALLY love your blog.

melissa said...

looks cool, i used to feed kohlrabi just to the rabbits, it inspires me to try it.
chiffy, potatoes cabbage and beets do not sound like real american food. i don't even think they are indigenous here.
its fun though, i recognize your rude posts from another cooking blog. its like where's waldo!

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