Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Amazing Sandwich

I don't normally post quick things I throw together for lunch like sandwiches and salads (with a few exceptions), but this sandwich was so amazing I had to tell someone about it (this blog started because I think my friends got sick of my thrice-daily reports on what I was eating). 

I used leftover chicken, sharp cheddar cheese, a few confit'd tomatoes, and a ton of avocado because I love avocado. I put all but the avocado between 2 slices of Ezekiel bread (Trader Joe's) and "grilled" it in my cast iron skillet, weighed down with another skillet and my fist, then flipped it so the cheese got all melty, the chicken and tomatoes heated up, and the bread was flat and toasty. Then I opened it, stuck in the avocado with some salt and pepper, and voila! Of course, like any good grilled cheese, I cut it in half on the diagonal.


karina said...

dear celine,
that sandwich looks so unbelievably delicious that i am going to attempt to replicate it for dinner tonight. please wish me luck.
your less talented but still very hungry sister

purplecook said...

Good luck child! Let me know how it turns out. I'd say take a picture but you've probably lost your camera.

**Don't turn the heat too high or the bread will toast before the cheese melts**

i love you

Katie said...

One word: YUM.

Anonymous said...

who is karina?

Anonymous said...

another chicken sandwich.
take roasted chicken. let it cool. take the breast meat, put it on an acme round bun. put some carmelised onions which you have browned with the chicken skin, so that the skin becomes crisp, on top of the chicken. put some manchego on top. put in oven for six to eight minutes. then, put in frying pan which has lots of melted butter. brown the bun (with the chicken)on both sides. eat. if you are really a sick individual, you will pour the butter from the pan on the chicken. go to an isolated room and eat it while no one looks.

purplecook said...

That sounds fantastic. Why not use chicken fat at the end instead of butter?

Anonymous said...

because it's better with butter

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