Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Katie and I made way too much sushi. Stay tuned for some leftovers posts.
Learn from our "mistake": if you want to make sushi,
invite some friends.

pickled mackerel nigiri
with avocado & tobiko
hamachi nigiri

closeup of the mackerel-- this was a delicious combo.
the avocado tempered the vinegary fish
and the tobiko added a nice crunch.

salmon nigiri with avocado on shiso leaves

shiso leaves have a strong woodsy citrus flavor
that kind of overwhelmed the delicate salmon

tuna & hamachi sashimi with a dollop of tobiko

salmon, scallop, and octopus sashimi

the octopus was cooked and sliced thin

scallop sashimi is my new favorite!

more pickled mackerel, with avocado,
tobiko, and daikon radish sprouts

tuna with avocado & tobiko,
garnished with daikon radish sprouts

sake, of course


Maciek said...

The salmon, scallop, and octopus sashimi is gorgeous.

Rachel said...

Oh yum! Such variety!

natalie said...

mmm everything looks so yummy! my husband and i always do sushi at home and we always make way too much also!

Anonymous said...

oh my! this looks so wonderful! my wife and i always make sushi at home and eat much too much, as well.

signed, truly anon.

Cathy said...

I took a Sushi class a couple years ago and this just inspired me to break out the gear and go for it again, YUM.


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