Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Eggs for Breakfast

As I mentioned here, I would take eggs for breakfast over almost anything. Here are two simple preparations for your morning meal.

Above, the Egyptian Omelet with Pancetta: Cut a circle out of a piece of bread, place a thin slice of pancetta over the opening, and crack an egg in it. Cook until crisp, then flip briefly to cook the top.

Below, Egg in Gorgonzola Polenta: Use pre-made or leftover polenta. Warm it over low heat, dotted with gorgonzola. When the cheese melts, make a well in the middle. Add a bit of butter. Raise the heat and crack an egg into the well.

Both of these preparations benefit from the runny yolk, so be careful not to break the yolk or overcook it.

1 comment:

Dcompose said...

Beautiful Celine,
The pancetta looks feminine and gets me a salivating. Way to make pictures of food look delicious and sexy!

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