Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Slide Ranch

fresh chicken eggs
(yes, some are green!)

homemade butter, honeycomb, and cornbread


DocChuck said...

Those neat blue eggs are from Arucana hens. They also lay other colors, actually quite a rainbow.

When I lived on my dairy farm in Upstate New York, my wife raised chickens for a "hobby."

She purchased some fertile eggs by mailorder and said she was going to incubate them.

I made the mistake of chuckling out loud . . . because she was VERY successful, and had a whole flock of Arucana chickens.

By the way, the Arucana "rooster" is a REAL shi*head, so we ate them as soon as they were big enough.

But, I digress. Raising chickens can be fun, interesting, and educational.

Your beautiful egg photo reminded me of this experience.

Chiffy said...

You don't seem to understand. This guy "docchuck" is a TROLL and a STALKER. He has been STALKING me for three years, and I have told you that before.

Werent you not listening?

WHY do you let him post on your blog when I have told everyone at SeriousEats (where I am the Senior adviser) what he is doing to me?

I want you to kick him off your blog right now.

Erica said...

The drama of previous posters not withstanding...

The eggs are beautiful. I have a neighbor who brings us fresh eggs pretty regularly. Lots of different colors. Even the shapes vary widely.

The honeycomb looks divine as well.

I found you on TasteSpotting.

purplecook said...

Thanks to everyone for commenting! Eating these fresh eggs made me wish I could have chickens but, unfortunately, urban apartment life does not allow it. As soon as I have a backyard, though...

MrsDocChuck said...

I'm sorry, but my husband is confused.

I did not raise chickens. I raised cats in a commercial kennel.

My husband also posted those comments by "chiffy" and he created that fake blog page for her. You might want to delete that.

Neat eggs though. I recall a rainbow of naturally pastel colored eggs when I was touring England but have not seen them here.

I love to make my own butter, too.

Barbara Krieg said...

Makes me want to live on a farm!

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