Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Dressing Up Pasta Leftovers

One easy, quick way to make last night's pasta a little more interesting is to add a poached egg. When you break the yolk, it oozes deliciousness and coats the pasta. This works well for a pasta that doesn't have much sauce (tomato or cream) to begin with.

Another nice pasta trick that works well with a cut like spaghetti is to make a pasta frittata: just mix in a few eggs and bake until set, then cut into wedges. This makes a good lunch (served with a salad) or first course (served alone).


Anonymous said...

i like this idea. how would you do this with carbonara?

purplecook said...

Not sure what you mean, but the egg would make a good addition to leftover carbonara because carbonara sauce has a tendency to dry up overnight. Mmmm carbonara. Look for some here in about a week.

karinadanielle said...

i want to eat this! please?

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