Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Mushroom Hunting at Salt Point State Park

mushrooms on my kitchen table

these are the beautiful poisonous ones

poison mushroom bouquet

these are the edibles ones. kinda ugly.

edible mushrooms cleaned & ready to cook

The edible mushrooms are black chanterelles (aka black trumpet mushrooms) and yellow-foot chanterelles. They are delicious sauteed with some butter and shallots and served over polenta, or stirred into a risotto, or sandwiched in the folds of a fluffy French-style omelet. Although we went all the way to Salt Point State Park (1/2 hour north of Jenner) to pick these, they grow all over the East Bay, and we hope to find more soon, closer to home.


Alejandra said...

Why do the bad ones have to be so pretty? It feels like a metaphor for something...

purplecook said...

That's so true!

Thanks for commenting :)

Marc @ NoRecipes said...

I've always wanted to go foraging for mushrooms, but the thought of picking the wrong ones has always kept me away.

Did you go on a tour?

purplecook said...

Hi Marc,
We actually took a class (it was my Valentine's Day present to my boyfriend) through the Oakland Mycological Society. There was an evening intro class and then a day-long hunt with a professional mycologist. That's the only way I'd recommend doing it, though some mushrooms (like chanterelles) are easier to identify than others and don't have many poisonous look-alikes. I'd recommend finding a class in your area-- it was lots of fun and totally worth it!

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