Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Aged Hanger Steak with Shallot Pan Sauce

Thanks to my friend Suzanne, I've recently discovered that Verbrugge's sells aged steaks at a discount. I got an aged hanger steak (onglet) for $2. Amazing.

You'll need:

a hanger steak, cut into 2-3" chunks
coarse salt
1T oil (I used grapeseed but olive oil is fine)

1 shallot, thinly sliced
1T butter + potentially 1T

Heat oil in a heavy oven-proof skillet (cast iron is a great choice) over medium-high heat. Rinse and dry steaks well; salt and pepper generously. When oil is hot, brown steaks, about 3 minutes per side-- 6 minutes total for medium-rare. Remove and set aside.

If there's still fat in the pan, add shallots; if not, add 1T butter. When butter is hot, add shallots and saute over medium heat, stirring to absorb browned bits from the steak. When shallots are brown and wilted, turn off heat and stir in 1T butter. Pour onto steaks and enjoy.


Anonymous said...

What genius gave you this great recipe?

purplecook said...

An anonymous one.

Suzanne said...

Nice to get a shout out! I'm glad the steak worked out well.

Anonymous said...

I re read your recipe. I think you had better add more than a tablespoon of butter when cooking the shallots. In my experience, the more butter, the more sauce and the more sauce, the better the meal. Under no circumstance would i use only the oil from cooking because, after all, it's oil not butter.

purplecook said...

Dear Anonymous,
You make a good point. However, I do think that butter added in at the end is what really makes a sauce-- cooking in butter doesn't hurt, but stirring in a cold pat of butter after turning the heat off makes your sauce deliciously emulsified. There's probably even a name for it in French.

Anonymous said...

yes, i'm sure there's a name, in french, for evertything food related. That's not the issue. The way i read your recipe, you cook the shallots in the pan oil if there's any left. i remove the oil and cook the shallots in butter. after all is done, putting in a pat of room temperature butter acts to thicken the sauce.

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