Friday, November 30, 2007

Shrimp Pouches with Papaya Salad

This makes a good light lunch, and can be prepared, if you have all the ingredients, in about 30 minutes. I know "pouches" sounds weird, but they're not exactly potstickers or wontons-- they come out soft and delicate but retain their shape.

For the papaya salad: using a mandoline, julienne a green papaya and toss with lime juice, chopped chiles or sriracha hot sauce, brown sugar, and fish sauce.

For the potstickers: chop raw, shelled & deveined shrimp as finely or roughly as you like. Toss with minced ginger and scallion (white part only), a tablespoon each of soy sauce and rice wine, and a teaspoon each of rice vinegar and sesame oil. Add 1T frothy egg white (separate the white and beat about 5 minutes until just frothy) and stir to combine. Using a fork, place a small mound of shrimp mixture in the center of a wonton wrapper, and seal the wrapper using leftover egg white (this will stick better than water).

Brown the potstickers in hot oil (I use grapeseed) on both sides; add 1/2c water, cover, and steam 5-6 minutes. Uncover and let water evaporate; serve with papaya salad and hoisin & sriracha sauces.


Anonymous said...

what do you thinkone should drink with this?

purplecook said...

I had this for lunch while working, so I'll go with something other than wine... Genmai Cha tea (I get mine in loose leaf at Peet's)-- it's green tea with toasted rice, and besides being simply delicious, its nutty flavor goes well with the gingery, spicy shrimp and papaya.

michelle @ TNS said...

i love green papaya, but i can never find any freaking green papayas.

this sounds really good. i usually make potstickers (or pouches) with pork, i need to try it with shrimp.

diva@sugarbar said...

oh i like this. sounds and looks so exotic. love papaya very much too so this is excellent.

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